Our Story

About us

We’re a small company that was established to help artisans from around the world share their beautiful creations and bring their joy to your home. We source our products globally and curate a selection of unique and sustainably made homewares. Each piece tells a story and brings individuality to your home.

We were previously selling directly on our website, however have moved into wholesale, if you interested in stocking our products, we would love you to hear from you.

Our founder, Jo, has built a few houses over the last few years and that has meant moving – a lot. She’s been a graphic designer for over 20 years so she naturally thinks about design, about how things fit and about the feel of different spaces. The process of moving made her think about what we really need – and where our homewares come from. It’s that concept of thoughtful purchasing that gave rise to the idea behind Ruthven + Co. Instead of buying things that fill a space and have a limited lifespan, choose each piece consciously and have it last for years. That’s where we started. Now we have relationships with artisans around the world and have sourced some incredibly unique products.

By choosing to purchase artisan products from Ruthven + Co you’re helping small communities around the world to preserve their culture and become economically self-sustaining. That’s a pretty great choice.


Our Philosophy

It’s simple really.

We believe in quality craftsmanship, not mass production. We believe in buying from people, not conglomerates. We believe in supporting communities, not exploiting them.

Ethical design. Crafted by artisans.

Our Mission

To sustainably support local communities by sourcing authentic and top-quality homewares from global artisans.

Artisan made

Please note: the nature of artisan made means things are not perfect, that’s part of their beauty. If you are interested in a product and concerned with any imperfections it may have then get in touch and we can show you a photo and have a chat.

Get in touch

We love hearing from our customers so if you have any feedback, or know of any artisans whose work we could source then please get in touch or pop into our space at 36 Industrial Place, Queenstown between 1-5pm on Saturdays or during the week by appointment.  [email protected]