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Teak + Granadillo serving board

Artisan made in Guatemala


These stunning wooden serving boards come from the Peten Jungle in Guatemala and are made by local skilled carpenters. The exotic wood is sustainably harvested and FSC certified. Directly helping families in this community who live in thatched roof homes with no electricity or running water.

Finely crafted, these serving boards help preserve the beauty of the Peten and if looked after will last a lifetime.

The main part of the serving board is Teak, with a golden + medium brown grain contrasting with the darker Granadillo wood at the top of the serving board.



Size: 25cm x 25cm






Hardwoods will last a lifetime with a little care. We recommend conditioning boards/ spoons/ knifes with a mixture of beeswax and food safe mineral oil, linseed oil or any other natural oil that does not turn rancid. Do this once a week for the first month and then periodically to restore vibrancy when the wood dulls. Items can be washed with warm soapy water but  never leave them sitting in water.

Do not put items in the dishwasher.

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